Re: [widgets] Test Suite for Packaging and Configuration

On 10 Aug 2009, at 10:00, Marcos Caceres wrote:
> Secondly, although some elements are not exposed as part of A&E (e.g.,
> icon and license), there are still conformance requirements as to how
> the user agent is supposed to expose the content of those elements to
> the end-user. For example, for the license element, the spec says:
> "When the href  attribute [of the license element] is used, the user
> agent should provide users the ability to view or otherwise link to
> the referenced license."
> Although not mandatory behavior, nor exposed via A&E, it is still
> manually testable ("test: does the widget provide some means to show
> the license?"). Having said that, we could have made this more clear
> in the spec by saying: "Upon request by an end-user, a user agent
> should expose a license in an accessible manner (e.g., visually or
> aurally)."

Thanks Marcos, this is quite a good one to work through.

For "license" is the conformance requirement that the widget instance  
exposes the license to the current *viewer*? Or that the UA makes the  
license available to the UA *owner*? (Or both or neither...)

For example, Wookie could show the license either in the gallery  
metadata (for the "end UA" to display to the user in some fashion) and  
also within the admin interface for the UA owner/admin. Or, the widget  
itself has some sort of display mechanism for the license to the  
viewer (but then wouldn't that mechanism be within scope of A&E?)


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