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Gregg Tavares wrote:
> I'd really like to contribute to this as I'm helping implement WebGL and we
> need a way to get LOTS of data into WebGL. Hundreds of files per app.
> That said, there's a bunch of things I don't understand about the API
> *) Given that XMLHttpRequest is limited to a same domain policy 
Firefox 3.5 and Safari 4 support cross-domain XMLHttpRequest, mitigated 
by CORS.  See, for example,
> but the img
> tag, audio tag, video tag, script tag and others are not, how do you resolve
> that with the FIle API?
The File API is meant to talk to your local file system.  It isn't a 
"network download" API, but it seems that's what you want :-).  Perhaps 
I am misunderstanding your question?

-- A*

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