RE: [P&C] utf8-char in Zip-rel-path

Hi Marcos,

>>Unless it's broken (?), I would prefer to leave it as is.
I think that P&C should either change the grammar (as suggested in my email) or specify that the zip-rel-path operates on characters.
The first would be well adjusted to Zip filename encoding in UTF-8 as a kind of natural match, whereas the latter could be clearer wrt the characters that can be used in the path.

Anyway, I think some clarification - e.g. on of the above - is required.


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On Sun, Jul 26, 2009 at 11:29 PM, Marcin
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> Hi,
> Given the fact that
> "Rule names are case insensitive."

> it could potentially be better to rename the rule from "utf8-char" to something else, since it may get confused with "UTF8-char" rule from

> Taken into account my comments in the mail below, we could have new rule replacing utf8-char:
> zip-UTF8-char   = UTF8-2 / UTF8-3 / UTF8-4
> UTF8-2      = %xC2-DF UTF8-tail
> UTF8-3      = %xE0 %xA0-BF UTF8-tail / %xE1-EC 2( UTF8-tail ) /
>                 %xED %x80-9F UTF8-tail / %xEE-EF 2( UTF8-tail )
> UTF8-4      = %xF0 %x90-BF 2( UTF8-tail ) / %xF1-F3 3( UTF8-tail ) /
>                 %xF4 %x80-8F 2( UTF8-tail )
> UTF8-tail   = %x80-BF
> The problem may be with the allowed ranges of the Unicode characters.
> The above grammar seems to allow 0080-10FFFF (the UTF-16 accessible range minus characters < 0080)

> whereas the current utf8-char rule is more selective.

Unless it's broken (?), I would prefer to leave it as is.

Marcos Caceres


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