Re: DataCache API - editor's draft available

On Jul 21, 2009, at 9:15 PM, Adrian Bateman wrote:

>>> While it might not be the perfect solution (we know the web far from
>>> ideal and is a lot of compromise), this type of proposal would be a
>>> lot more compelling to me if I could say "This is what we have to
>>> add, this is how, and here are the use cases that make it valuable"
>>> with a roadmap for extending what people are already building
>>> instead of something brand new.
>> Would you mind explaining the last point "with a roadmap for  
>> extending
>> what people are already building instead of something brand new." for
>> me? I would definitely strive to make the proposal more compelling.
> What I'm asking for is a more unified proposal that says "If you  
> have already implemented AppCache, here's what you add to make the  
> same cache provide the additional functionality needed to enable  
> these additional use cases." This will inevitably be a compromise  
> from what a pure implementation looks like (your current DataCache  
> spec, say) but lots of the web is necessarily a compromise because  
> it builds on prior art that might not have been ideal but has been  
> specified, built and deployed (and not always in that order).
> This would allow people to form a judgement about whether the  
> additional use cases are worth the additional effort instead of  
> whether the additional use cases are worth yet another cache. I  
> think the ship has already sailed on AppCache and we can't undo that  
> even if we wanted to and I don't think a competing solution is the  
> right approach.

What kind of extensions/changes to AppCache would be acceptable at  
this point? In a previous exchange with Ian, he declined to consider  
DataCache like extensions to ApplicationCache for HTML5, which might  
be the reasonable thing to do. I can of course put together a  
proposal, but it would be good to know from browser vendors what their  
preferences are in this matter.

I am open to the idea of incrementally evolving AppCache to be more  
supportive of DataCache requirements.


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