[widgets] Wookie accepted into Apache Incubator

Hi everyone,

Wookie - which I demonstrated at the Paris F2F -  has just been  
accepted into the Apache Incubator.

Wookie implements the W3C Widgets draft specifications as a web  
service supporting web applications, in a manner similar to (and  
compatible with) Apache Shindig for OpenSocial gadgets.

We've been tracking and contributing to the Widgets family of  
specifications, and we look forward to working with the rest of the  
community in helping make sure Wookie conforms to the specs, with the  
potential to act as a reference implementation (at least for server- 
based UAs).

Once we've sorted out the infrastructure at ASF and moved the existing  
code our focus will be to ensure that we have a broad community of  
developers actively contributing to the project.

There's a blog post by Ross Gardler at ASF giving some more details  
here: http://osswatch.jiscinvolve.org/2009/07/17/wookie-accepted-into-apache-incubator/



Scott Wilson
Assistant Director, JISC CETIS
University of Bolton

FeedForward: http://getfeedforward.org
Wookie: http://getwookie.org


Received on Friday, 17 July 2009 19:17:54 UTC