RE: [widgets] P&C progression to CR

Thanks Marcos, my comments below, marked [DAVID]:

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On Thu, Jul 16, 2009 at 1:36 PM, David Rogers<> wrote:
> Art, Marcos,
> Please could you give us an update on the status of the progression of
> Widgets P&C to CR?

The editor's draft will be the one that is published (it is stable and
ready to go, and has been for a few days):

> I noticed on the publication status page this is still
> marked as LCWD. We would like to see prompt progression of this work given
> the level of effort that has been put in by all parties.

Agreed. It's up to the W3C to gives us an publication date and set up
the directors' call. We've done all we can as a WG I think. Not sure
what the hold up is now.

From past experience, even though this doc is done, my guesstimate is
that the document will be published sometime in July (~3rd) at the

[DAVID] Thanks for clarifying on August 3rd. I think I express the entire group's sentiment by saying that we need to improve on this, at the very least to improve in the future for the remaining specs. I appreciate it is the holiday period but again, given the effort that has been put in and the foreknowledge that we were going to propose this as CR, how does it take nearly a month to get this through?

Marcos Caceres

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