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On Fri, Jul 10, 2009 at 3:01 PM, Marcos Caceres<> wrote:
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>> Comment from the i18n review of:
>> Comment 2
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>> Editorial/substantive: E
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>> Location in reviewed document:
>> Section 8.3 []
>> Comment:
>> Section 8.3 (Attribute Types) contains a subsection called "URI Attribute" which is relevant to our comment above. It says:
>>  --
>>  An attribute defined as containing a valid URI. A valid URI is one that matches the URI token of the [URI] specification or the IRI token of the [RFC3987] specification. The value of this kind of attribute is retrieved using the rule for getting a single attribute value. --
>>  This is problematical, since all URIs are IRIs, but not the converse. We think this should favor IRI and note the relationship to URI.
> Ok, this a minor editorial change (applied globally).  I made it really simple:
> [[
> IRI attribute
> An attribute defined as containing a valid IRI. A valid IRI is one
> that matches the IRI token of the [RFC3987] specification.
> ]]
> I think most people know that IRI are a super-set of URIs, so I did
> not point out the difference.

As the above required an editorial change to the spec, the Working
Group Chair has requested this comment be added to the Disposition of
Comments. Can you please reply ASAP and confirm you are satisfied with
the change?

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