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Hi y'all,

an update on these todo items:

On Jun 29, 2009, at 18:46 , Robin Berjon wrote:
> - viewMode needs to refer to Widgets-WM. Can we agree on what we  
> need to FPWD that one so that there's something to point to?

Does no one have an opinion on this?

> - locale doesn't make much sense: it's a DOMString that is "set to  
> the value of user agent locales", which is an array. Our current  
> algorithm wouldn't allow us to pick one, so it could either be a  
> string joining all of those (as in HTTP) or a sequence<DOMString>.  
> But I'm not at all convinced that this is useful and I recommend  
> dropping it.


> - for width and height we should be clearer on what is meant by  
> "viewport"

Done, by adding a definition that maps it to CSS viewports.

> - preferences needs to be finalised

Done, following Hixie's suggestions.

> - onmodechange shouldn't be Function, it should be ModeChangeEvent,  
> and ModeChangeEvent should have [Callback=FunctionOnly]

Done (as ModeChangeListener, of course), along with an explanation of  
the reason it is expressed that way and an indication that for  
Javascript it's just a Function.

> - showNotification() needs a better definiion

I'd fix it but I don't really understand what it's expected to do. It  
appears to be some form of device-independent, asynchronous alert. I  
don't know if the use case is very strong, but I'm willing to be  
convinced as alert() is indeed bad for a number of things. I look at  
the Opera docs since that's where it comes from but they're not  
clearer than the specification. If the above is indeed what it is  
supposed to be, I can scare up some text explaining it, but we'd need  
to at least know what happens if the alert() is cancelled (in most  
windowing systems you can cancel an alert without hitting Ok,  
typically Esc does it). Is the callback called? Or is it ignored? Or  
called with a special value?

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