Re: [widgets] One element is allowed per language:

On Wed, Jun 10, 2009 at 6:01 PM, Anne van Kesteren<> wrote:
> The example does not match the prose description. The prose does not say anything about using an element without an xml:lang attribute. (Strangely enough.)

I've added the following prose:
"In the case whereby the author does not use an xml:lang attribute,
and no element of a particular type with xml:lang matches the user
agent locales, the user agent must use the first element that is
unlocalized content, in document order, that matches the element type
being sought."

I also added another example, to illustrate the above.

I'll consider this an editorial comment as this behavior was already
described in various parts of the specification, though it certainly
could have been made more clear.

So, to make things even more clear in respect to the above, I've
embellished the diffinition of unlocalized content:

"Unlocalized content is content included in the widget package or in
the configuration document that has not been explicitly localized. In
the case of widget package, this means content outside the container
for localized content. In the case of a configuration document, this
means any element without an explicitly declared or inherited xml:lang

And I've added another example to the Element-Based Localization
section, which talks about the behavior of xml:lang, how it is
inherited (as per the XML spec), and how that inheritance can be

Marcos Caceres

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