Re: Widgets 1.0: Packaging and Configuration questions

On Wed, Jun 17, 2009 at 5:12 PM, Jeff
Decker<> wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> I was going over the P&C spec and had a couple questions:
> 1. Under section 7.12 "The feature Element" it does not note how a widget
> user agent should handle an unknown feature name. Is this intended?

Yes, this is intentional. Processing is actually defined in Step 7:

"x. If feature-name is not supported by the user agent, and
required-feature is true, then treat this widget as an invalid widget

x. If feature-name is not supported by the user agent, and
required-feature is false, then this element, its attributes, and its
children are in error and must be ignored. Stop processing this
element and proceed to the next element in the elements list.

I've added a note at the start of the "Configuration Document" section
referring the reader to Step 7 for details about processing of
elements. Hopefully that will alert the reader to where processing of
elements is described. The note simply reads:

"Please see Step 7 for details of how the elements of the
configuration document are processed by a user agent."

Is that clear enough?

> 2. Under section 6.5 "Start Files" it says "It is optional for user agents
> to support the media types listed in the default start files table." Does
> this mean a user agent can support any combination of Default Start Files
> from the table or are the files grouped under the media types? So If I were
> to support text/html, then I would need to search for both .htm and .html
> files?

That is correct. Is that not clear enough? If no, can you suggest some
text that would make that more clear?

Marcos Caceres

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