Re: [widgets] Further argument for making config.xml mandatory

>> Other suggestions are of course welcome!
>> One alternative would be to separate out the non-localisable data into a separate document, eg manifest.xml... But this is also likely to irritate implementers :(
> No, the WG are saving manifest.xml for an actual manifest format. Lets
> keep it in the config. How was that list of localizable elements
> working for you?

The way JavaFx does it might be of interest, for example a simple
hello world message:

##[greeting]"Hello, World."

The value in ##[  ] is the key which is looked up against traditional
resource bundle files that are named and stored in standard ways, and
the "Hello World" is the default value if the key doesn't exist for
the given locale.

The key part is optional, so you can just have "Hello World".

So perhaps the localizable values in the main config could use that
syntax, rather than you have specify a list of "localizable elements"

Andrew Welch

Received on Thursday, 19 March 2009 15:20:39 UTC