Re: [widgets] <option>s on <feature>s

On 3/18/09 10:51 PM, Robin Berjon wrote:
> On Mar 18, 2009, at 16:35 , Marcos Caceres wrote:
>> On 3/18/09 4:19 PM, Robin Berjon wrote:
>>> Do you have some examples that involve things that aren't pants?
>> <feature name="">
>> <option name="start-lat" value="51 6' N"/>
>> <option name="start-long" value="114 1' W"/>
>> </feature>
> You and Arve seem to have different understandings of what this is for,
> his example indicates that he's interested in specifying sub-features of
> a feature, yours seems to point at default values or some form of
> configuration for a feature.
> But more in the following email about why I think this is a bad idea.

Yes, I realized after I sent the emails that both my pants and geo 
location examples should really have been using the <preference> 
element. Arve's example is more what I was trying to get at. The 
proposal stands, the examples don't :)

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