Splitting out sections from HTML5

I've now split out the Server-sent Events and Storage APIs out of HTML5, 
and I've removed the text for Web Sockets, which was split out earlier. By 
popular demand I've also done some tweaks to the styling of these specs.


   Server-Sent Events

   Web Storage

   Web Workers

   Web Sockets

It is my understanding that the desire is to publish the Server-Sent 
Events, Web Storage, Web Workers, and Web Sockets specs through the Web 
Apps working group, so that is what I put into the "status of this 
document" sections.

I would like to be able to put more permissive licenses (ideally MIT) on 
these drafts, rather than the W3C license.

The following sections still haven't been split out:

   I'll remove this section as soon as DanC's draft is published.

   Content-Type sniffing
   I'll remove this section once Adam's draft is on a standards track.

   Timeout API
   This section is lacking an active editor.

   I'm unsure what will happen with this section.

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