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(A little slow on my response)

Hi Robin,
I was pointing to the *response* part of OpenSearch. The URL below shows
the RSS and Atom formats that they use to reflect the list of things found
from the search query.

Over in OpenAjax Alliance, we are working with various players in the
industry to establish widget repositories. We have been using OpenSearch
for both the search query and the response. If you go to:

and click at the top left on the hour glass icon, a list of widgets will
appear. That list of widgets is built from an OpenSearch response. We find
it works quite well.


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On Mar 11, 2009, at 16:44 , Jon Ferraiolo wrote:
> How about adopting OpenSearch response?

> In fact, how about simply adopting OpenSearch in its entirety?

Well my understanding of the use case is that it's about sharing the
content of a widget gallery, which isn't really a search, but if the
idea is to support discoverable repositories or that sort of stuff, it
might be something worth looking at.

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