RE: Revised Proposal for Widget Signature ABNF

Hi Frederick,

I have further, again formal comments. I am sorry for not spotting that earlier.
The terminals (section 2.3 for RFC5234) can be concatenated with a dot ".".

author-signature-filename = %x61 %x75 %x74 %x68 %x6f %x72 %x2d %x73
%x69 %x67 %x6e %x61 %x74 %x75 %x72 %x65 %x2e %x78 %x6d %x6 (missing 'c')

can be represented as

author-signature-filename = %x61.

This format also seems to guarantee that the whole string is kept in one line in majority of text editors (if line can be long enough).
Otherwise in the final spec a white space has to be put in each following line to satisfy the following rule (section 4.).

rule           =  rulename defined-as elements c-nl
                                ; continues if next line starts
                                ;  with white space


Kind regards,
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To: Marcin Hanclik
Cc: Frederick Hirsch; Kapyaho Jere (Nokia-D-MSW/Tampere); ext Marcos Caceres; WebApps WG
Subject: Revised Proposal for Widget Signature ABNF

here is revised proposal, thanks Jere and Marcin

regards, Frederick


1) Change section 1.1, Notational conventions as follows:

This specification uses the following syntax to define filenames.
Characters are appended to numbers to indicate cardinality: "?" (0 or
1) "*" (0 or more) "+" (1 or more)

A range of values is indicated by brackets, .i.e [1-9] indicates a
digit from the range 1 through 9 inclusive.

Concatenated values are written next to each other, with strings
indicated in quotes. Thus "signature" [1-9][0-9]* ".xml"means a string
consisting of "signature" followed by a digit in the range 1-9
inclusive, followed by zero or more digits in the range 0-9 inclusive,
for example, "signature12.xml".

This specification uses the following ABNF [ABNF] syntax to define
filenames. Rules are concatenated by being written next to each other
and a rule prepended by * means zero or more. See he ABNF RFC for

2) Changes in the "Naming convention for a author signature:" in
section 5.2 Author Signatures:

The following ABNF [ABNF] rule defines the format of a author
signature file name:


The reserved file name "author-signature.xml"


The reserved lower-case (case sensitive) file name "author-
signature.xml", as defined by the following ABNF [ABNF] rule:

author-signature-filename = %x61 %x75 %x74 %x68 %x6f %x72 %x2d %x73
%x69 %x67 %x6e %x61 %x74 %x75 %x72 %x65 %x2e %x78 %x6d %x6

3) Changes in the "Naming convention for a distributor signature:" in
section 5.3 Distributor Signatures:

3a) Replace

"signature" [1-9][0-9]* ".xml"


The following ABNF [ABNF] rule defines the format of a distributor
signature file name:

distributor-signature-filename = signature-string non-zero-digit
*DIGIT  xml-suffix string

signature-string = %x73 %x69 %x67 %x6e %x61 %x74 %x75 %x72 %x65

non-zero-digit = %x31-39

xml-suffix-string =  %x2e %x78 %x6d %x6c

The signature-string rule defines the lower-case (case sensitive)
string "signature" and the xml-suffix-string defines the lower-case
(case sensitive) string ".xml". non-zero-digit defines a digit in the
range 1-9. DIGIT is defined in RFC-5234 [ABNF] to mean a digit in the
range 0-9.

3b) in first bullet, replace 'consisting of the string "signature"'
with 'consisting of the lower-case string "signature"' and replace
'then ".xml", as stated by the BNF' with 'then the lower-case string
".xml", as stated by the ABNF'

3c) replace "BNF" with "ABNF" in the third bullet

4) Add reference to ABNF in references section, with source Jere

<dt><dfn id="abnf">[ABNF]</dfn></dt>
  <dd>RFC 5234, <a href="
rfc5234.txt"><cite>Augmented BNF
                for Syntax Specifications: <abbr title="Augmented
                Backus-Naur Form">ABNF</abbr></cite></a>. D. Crocker
and P. Overell.
  January 2008.</dd>

Unless I hear otherwise by Monday, I will make this change to the
editors draft. If you agree with the change please let me know.


regards, Frederick

Frederick Hirsch



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