On Sat, 7 Mar 2009, Cameron McCormack wrote:
> However, since there’s no Web IDL definition of NodeList that uses 
> [PrototypeRoot], there is no requirement on the value of [[Class]] of 
> the object returned by querySelectorAll().
> (We could define that if a host object implements only a single 
> interface, then [[Class]] must be the identifier of that interface.  
> The requirements on particular values for host object [[Prototype]] is 
> still somewhat speculative, and will probably change a bit more.)

In that case I would like us to do this (specifically, define [[Class]] 
for objects that have only one non-[NoPrototypeObject] interface), since 
that's the majority of them, and it would be better than having to 
sprinkle [PrototypeRoot] all over the place.

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