Re: BONDI Candidate Release 1.0 - open for public comment until 9th of March 2009

Dear Art, 


Thanks for the email. Please see my comments inline marked [DAVID].




Since many of WebApps' members are not familiar with OMTP and BONDI, I
have a some first order process-related questions regarding the proposed
Release Candidate (RC). I'll withhold other comments e.g spec forking,
fragmentation, etc. for now.


* Where can we find the process that describes OMTP's comment and
response process/protocol as well as the next step after RC? Does OMTP's
process include a consensus commitment regarding the public's comments
(as does the W3C's process [1])?


[DAVID] We can receive any public comments through either our public
forum (under feedback at the bottom left of the BONDI homepage) or
through a formal change request. In order to register a formal change
request you will need to register for an account first. OMTP will
discuss all comments during our working group meetings.


* Where is the public archive for the comments?


[DAVID] All the public comments are stored on the BONDI site, viewable
to all. Please see the links from the Release Candidate page.


* Where is the exit criteria for this RC? Assuming this criteria
requires two or more interoperable implementations (as is typically the
case for W3C Candidate specs), where can we find the data that show
there are interoperable implementations of the RC?

[DAVID] This is dependent on the feedback received from the public
review. I should add that we have extended this review period - it will
now close on the 23rd of March 2009. I'll be able to give you some more
information following those discussions. Clearly we are not going to
encourage non-interoperable solutions as the whole intention of BONDI is
to have interoperable widgets across devices.


* Based on a scan of [2], it appears this RC codifies the following
version of WebApps' widgets specs: Packaging and Configuration - 12-
Dec-2008; Digital Signatures - unspecified; APIs and Event - not
included; Updates - the 07-Oct-2008 FPWD. Please confirm/clarify.


[DAVID] As Marcos raised in the meeting, there was an error in one of
these references to an earlier draft. You are welcome to register this
as feedback. You are correct in stating that we do not reference the
APIs and Events spec yet. Our plan is to update references upon the
closure date for feedback (23rd of March).


* Regarding the following text in [2]:



BONDI has chosen to adopt the W3C Widgets 1.0: Packaging and
Configuration [7] specification. At the time of writing this
specification has been published by the W3C Web Applications group

( as a Working Draft at Last Call, and is
judged to be stable enough to use as a basis for this BONDI



Given the clear "Implementers should be aware that this document is not
stable." warning in this LCWD [3], what criteria was used to determine
this LCWD "is judged to be stable enough to use as a basis for this
BONDI specification"?


[DAVID] Given the wealth of widget platforms being developed and already
in the market and OMTP's timelines, I think this is the case for many
other organisations who are developing widget solutions. It is our
intention to deliver a W3C compliant BONDI once the W3C specifications
are complete. We are fully aware that the specs could change. As agreed
last week, we will produce an evolution plan to show how we intend to do
this. We have committed to doing as much as possible to help W3C in
working towards this. Indeed, every person around the table at the
Widgets meeting last week was an OMTP member.





OMTP Director of External Relations



-Regards, Art Barstow, Chair of WebApps WG


[1] <>

[2] <


[3] <>




On Feb 26, 2009, at 3:46 AM, ext David Rogers wrote:


> Dear all,


> As discussed in the Widgets F2F in Paris, please find the links to  

> the OMTP BONDI Candidate Release 1.0 documentation as follows. This  

> is open for public comment at the moment until the 9th of March  

> 2009 and can be downloaded from the BONDI site [1]:



> 1)      BONDI Architecture & Security [2]


> 2)      BONDI Architecture & Security Appendices [3]


> 3)      BONDI Interfaces [4]


> 4)      BONDI Architecture & Security Lifecycle Events Use Cases [5]


> 5)      All above files in a zip [6]


> Please also have a look at the BONDI APIs [7]. We would welcome any  

> feedback or change proposals and if you have any questions, please  

> feel free to email me.


> Thanks,



> David.


> [1]

> [2] 

> BONDI_Architecture_Security_Task_CR10.pdf

> [3] 

> BONDI_Architecture_Security_Task_Appendices_CR10.pdf

> [4] 

> BONDI_Interfaces_Task_CR10.pdf

> [5] 

> BONDI_Architecture_Security_Application_Lifecycle_Events_Use_Cases_CR1

> 0.pdf

> [6]


> [7]



> David Rogers

> OMTP Director of External Relations



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