RE: [Widgets] Opera's position on Elliptic Curve and x509v3

I agree with both of Marcos's points here.

I support postponing elliptic curve to later version

I also agree restricting x509 to version 3 is ok

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Subject: [Widgets] Opera's position on Elliptic Curve and x509v3

At the F2F, I agreed to ascertain Opera's position on adding elliptic
curve support and restricting x509 to version 3.

Wrt Eliptic Curve, Opera would prefer _not_ to have elliptic curve
support for version 1 of Widgets Dig Sig, but would possibly like to
see its inclusion in future version of the spec.

Wrt restricting to x509 to version 3, we are ok with this.

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Marcos Caceres

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