Re: information about the Palette Portal presentation

Hi everyone !

Please find the short paper we wrote for the WWW09 Conference related to 
the drag and drop extension of the Palette Services Portal at the 
following location : 

If you need any information, don't hesistate to contact us !

Best regards,

Jérôme Bogaerts

Alain Vagner/CITI/TUDOR 
02/03/2009 11:55

Jérôme Bogaerts/CITI/TUDOR@TUDOR, Thibaud Latour/CITI/TUDOR@TUDOR, 
Stéphane Sire <>, Micaël Paquier 
information about the Palette Portal presentation

Hi everyone, 

here are the slides about the Palette widget implementation, that Jérome 
and me presented last week after Scott Wilson:

You can find in the following file the specification of our current 
extension to the packaging and api specs:

Regarding the software, it is open source. Some links about it :
- homepage:
- sources:
- screen casts (xvid format, high quality):
- screen casts (youtube, poor quality):
- the "talk about widgets" mailing list (in the file section you can find 
more screencasts):

If you need more information, you can access the main deliverables of the 
- Deliverable D.IMP.04, pp27-32, main ideas:
- Deliverable D.IMP.06, pp31-41, design choices:
- Deliverable D.IMP.07, pp16-24, extensions, including use cases:
- Deliverable D.IMP.08, pp36-37, another use case :

FYI, we submitted a poster  (2p paper) to the WWW09 conference related to 
the drag and drop extension. Currently, we don't know if we have
the rights to publish this document to the web. We will inform you when it 
is ok.

If you have any question regarding these documents, feel free to ask.


Alain Vagner

Received on Wednesday, 4 March 2009 10:03:31 UTC