[Selectors] Selectors to Proposed Rec - call for consensus

Hi folks,

It would appear that the Selectors API is done. The spec seems to have  
interoperable implementations according to a test suite (that is in the  
process of being blessed), and it would seem that other implementors are  
happy with the test suite even if they have bugs in their current versions.

Since the call for consensus to produce a Candidate Recommendation  
following the Last Call and resolution of comments received, there has  
been one substantive change to the document - removing [Null] and  
[Undefined] extended attributes from IDL, added note about handling null  
and undefined. It seems that there is general agreement that this change  
does not materially impact the specification in practice, and we can  
therefore request Proposed Recommendation.

(In parallel with this call for consensus is one that confirms we have a  
valid test suite - doing these together will streamline things if it turns  
out that the answer to both questions is yes)

This is a call for consensus on the question:

Noting that removing [Null] and [Undefined] extended attributes from IDL  
is not a significant change in practice, considering that the test suite  
provide by John Resig on 2009-02-19 is a valid test suite, and believing  
that we can demonstrate that the specification can be implemented  
interoperably, the group should request Proposed Recommendation status for  
the Selectors API spec, based on the Editor's draft version 1.97[1] (i.e.  
with any necessary editorial changes but no substantive changes).


Silence will be taken as assent, but for this question to carry there must  
be significant explicit agreement. Please provide responses to this thread  
by the end of Sunday, 15 January.


Chaals (as chair)

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