Re: [widgets] OAuth and openID

On 23 Feb 2009, at 15:31, Scott Wilson wrote:

> Because many widgets are small local applications offered for remote  
> services that use different user accounts, oAuth is a very important  
> and relevant technology. Which is why, for example, it has been a  
> major task in the oAuth and OpenSocial/Gadgets community to  
> integrate the technology.

> ((Note also that last I heard oAuth was going to IETF for  
> standardisation))


I guess my question is mostly what part of oauth would likely be in  
scope for a widget spec.  My sense is that the likeliest point of  
interaction could be a hand-off mechanism between browser and widget  
to enable a browser-based OAuth authorization decision outside the  
widget itself.  That sounds like it could be added later.

I also suspect that the specification that is going to be most  
relevant for combining OAuth and Widgets is going to be XMLHttpRequest  
level 2.

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