Re: [cors] Updates

On Mon, 09 Feb 2009 21:57:47 +0900, Anne van Kesteren <>  
> After renaming the specification I decided to go through the normative  
> parts of the specification again to clean various things up and resolve  
> some outstanding issues. Since the October 6 editor's draft (last  
> relatively stable draft) the following things have changed starting  
> January 14:
> [...]

The following changes have been made since February 9:

* Improved the non-normative Use Cases appendix.

* Introduced a processing model for servers.

* Added a section that advices how to write hosting specifications.  
(Basically which things you need to take into consideration.)

* Renamed various internal variable names to be more clear.

* Inlined security requirements where possible.

* Gave user agents more freedom to not do certain things (e.g. making a  
request), impose limits on max-age, etc.

* Fixed the section on conformance to make sense after all the changes.

The following is still true. The only real outstanding issues at the  
moment are which documents need to be referenced for various terms and the  
Origin header. And those are not really issues to begin with :-) So please  

> I would appreciate feedback from implementors on the changes and in  
> particular on the wording in the latest draft:

Anne van Kesteren

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