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Hi Tim,
Apologies for the lapse in response.

2008/12/17 Tim Kindberg <>:
> Hi Art,
> I've had a quick look through the resources you referenced. It does seem that tag: is a good candidate for your needs (although I have a couple of questions below). You need an id scheme that isn't quite matched by http etc., and it's better to avoid an entirely new scheme.

That's correct.

> My points are:
> (1) Don't you say you want internationalised ids? We (I) gave up on IRI-compatible tags some time ago. It's do-able but I got mired in the mud and ran out of time.

We do want internationalized ids if possible. We allow authors to
include UTF-8 file names in the package. However, it might be possible
to escape these somehow. However, my preference is that tag be treated
as Unicode.

> (2) Somewhere I saw a reference to using a fixed date, 2008, for 'security reasons". Well that's OK as long as any domain name (or email address) that comes before it was indeed assigned to the minter of the tag on 2008-01-01.

I'm not sure what you mean here. Could you give us a few more details.

> (3) From my glance at your documents, it seems that you need a resolution algorithm, to go from a tag: to a resource inside a widget. That's OK by the tag spec: there is no default resolution mechanism but any tag usage protocol can define its own. AFAIK, Atom 'id' elements (the biggest user of tag URIs) are chosen to be resolvable internally to feed generators.

Ok, a resolution scheme does not seem too difficult to specify.

> I hope that that is of some help, even though I've only had a little time to look at your requirements. I'm actually on leave until January now but may be able to respond occasionally in the meantime.

I guess the next actions from here would be to evaluate what would
need to be done to make tag: compatible with the UTF-8 file names. I
guess we could involve the i18n core WG for guidance.

Resolution of the scheme seems to be fairly straight forward.

Kind regards,
Marcos Caceres

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