Re: [widgets] Widget modes

2009/1/31 ivan.demarino <>:
> Hello.
> Here in Orange Labs UK we think that the idea of having multiple modes
with multiple HTML five can address another risk: the need of adapting the
presentation layer programmatically, can drive to excessive "cpu-bound"
calculation (it's Javascript after all).
> Having multiple HTML document could simplify the widget layout itself,
having something dedicated to the particular mode.
> The preservation of status across different "mode change event" could be
solved in other ways, like using APIs for Local Storage (HTML5) or with
dedicated APIs.
> Also I would like to highlight the importance of "allowing" companion
attributes for the "mode" like "width" and "height", as expressed in the
last part of Suzanne Benoit email.

I also have a feeling that it might be better to move the width, height, and
viewmode to the content element... but can live with them as they are. The
width and height and viewmode all pertain to the the <content> element so it
makes sense, IMHO, for them to be attributes of <content>.

Having said that, I don't think we should go down the path of having
different <content> elements for each mode (not in version 1.0, at least). I
also think that is better handled by programmatically and through CSS. If we
were to go down the multiple content path, I guess the only thing that would
be shared would be the preference store for the widget.

Anyway, as Mark said, we better nail down the requirements before jumping to
the technical solutions.

Kind regards,

Marcos Caceres

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