Re: Required support for SVG in widgets

The Web Apps WG should create yet another (short) widget spec, which would
be an Open Web profile spec that simply provides a checklist for two
interoperability levels for conformance. In both profiles, the user agent
would be required to implement all of the various Widgets spec. One
interoperability profile would require support for the vague notion of
"HTML" (defacto standard HTML, not XHTML) and the other profile would
require support for SVG Tiny 1.2. Both profiles should mandate OMTP BONDI.

To me, such a spec would help promote open, interoperability technologies
in the widget space. This spec could be on a delayed timeline (i.e.
approved after the other widget specs), particularly to allow BONDI to
reach completion, but just having drafts out there would show the community
what the interoperability target is.


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On Feb 4, 2009, at 02:20 , Marcos Caceres wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 3, 2009 at 11:22 PM, Jonas Sicking <>
> wrote:
>> Is there a reason to require any formats? In very few places we do
>> this. For example the HTML and CSS specs don't require support for
>> JPEG, GIF or PNG. Neither HTML or SVG require support for javascript.
>> Is there a reason for the widget spec to be different?
> I guess it's not really about mandating that the widget user agent
> support SVG, just that it look for SVG as a default start file.

My request actually covered both. But apparently you've now removed
the requirement to support HTML, so maybe I can withdraw that part of
my objection. I would prefer if HTML and SVG were both required
because it makes widgets more useful when you know what you can rely
on, but I can live with nothing specific being required.

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