Re: Required support for SVG in widgets

On Feb 3, 2009, at 4:22 PM, Jonas Sicking wrote:

> Is there a reason to require any formats? In very few places we do
> this. For example the HTML and CSS specs don't require support for
> JPEG, GIF or PNG. Neither HTML or SVG require support for javascript.
> Is there a reason for the widget spec to be different?

 From the SVG Specification, Section G.7 Conforming SVG Viewers


Specific criteria that apply to only Conforming Dynamic SVG Viewers:
In Web browser environments, the viewer must have the ability to  
search and select text strings within SVG content.
If display devices are supported, the viewer must have the ability to  
select and copy text from SVG content to the system clipboard.
The viewer must have complete support for an ECMAScript binding of the  
SVG Document Object Model.


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