Re: [widgets] Renaming "thumbnail" to "screenshot"

On Tue, Feb 3, 2009 at 1:01 PM, Jere Kapyaho <> wrote:
> No worries. After last weeks Widgets telcon, I came to the conclusion that
> if this really is intended to be just a static image of the widget (as it
> was sometime before it was deployed), then I suppose it's OK to rename it to
> screenshot. That also would leave the term 'thumbnail' to mean an actual
> representation of the widget that may be updated live by the widget engine.

Ok, great.

> The screenshot might not resemble the actual running widget after the end
> user has downloaded, installed and ran it, but I guess it's close enough to
> be used in a widget gallery (like Arve demonstrated with the Opera Widgets
> site).

Based on this discussion, I've added a requirement for screenshot to
the Requirements document (please comment):

R21. Screenshot
A conforming specification MUST specify a means to include one or more
images whose intended purpose is to represent at widget in a running
state (i.e., a screenshot or photograph of the widget being used). A
comforming specification MUST suggest to authors, as an authoring
requirement, that the appropriate use of these images is to show the
widget in an actual running state. However, a conforming specification
MUST not require a widget user agents to verify that an image is, in
fact, an image of the widget in a running state. A conforming
specification MUST make it possible to include distinct localize
versions of this kind of images.

Current development practice or industry best-practice,
internationalization and localization, and accessibility.

To provide authors with a means of showcasing what their widgets look
like at runtime without needing the end-user to download the widget
first. This kind of image could also be used in contexts such as
widget galleries.

Kind regards,
Marcos Caceres

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