Re: [widgets] Comments on the 22-Dec-2008 LCWD of the Widgets 1.0: P&C spec

Hi Art,
On Sat, Jan 31, 2009 at 2:18 PM, Arthur Barstow <> wrote:
> Does the P&C spec include any normative assertions that create a dependency
> on the API & Events spec? I just made a quick scan of the P&C's latest ED
> and I did not find any any such statements.
> If there are no such dependencies - and my expectation is there should not
> be - then, SHOULD in the second sentence above is the strongest statement
> that can be made. Any of: using MAY, making the statement as non-normative
> text, or removing it altogether would be appropriate if there is no such a
> dependency.
> If there is such a dependency, then that's probably a bug we need to
> discuss.

Ok, I see your point. We do not have any dependencies that I can think of.

However, please allow me to explain my rationale for that section as I
still feel it is important. The Widget User Agent section of the P&C
spec defines what a widget specs and other specs (e.g., gif, jpg, etc)
need  to be brought together to create a "widget user agent". So, in a
sense, this section is unrelated to the P&C spec; but it needs to be
stated somewhere. Ideally, we would have had a Widgets 1.0
Core/Umbrella specification where things like this would be defined,
but the P&C spec has taken that role.

I feel strongly that what specs constitute a widget user agent needs
to be defined somewhere (as well as which are required and which are
not). I'm unsure as to how to proceed here.

Kind regards,
Marcos Caceres

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