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Hi Rotan,
On Wed, Jan 28, 2009 at 9:52 PM, Rotan Hanrahan
<> wrote:
> Version cited: WD 28 January 2009
> URL:
> Aware of latest editor's draft at:
> Minor observation in editor's draft: the text suggests that the Conformance
> Checker must warm the author if the icon does not conform to SVG Tiny.
> Perhaps the author is already warm enough, and should be warNed instead.

hehe, fixed.

> Cross-reference issue: The link to the requirement R20 (claiming to be
> "Iconic Representations") in section 1.2 of the draft (cited) should
> actually be a link to R19 (actually "Iconic Representation"). R20 is
> actually the "Configuration Parameters" requirement as the following link
> demonstrates:

Ah, the reason they don't line up is that these have been updated to
link to the unpublished draft of the requirements document.

> On this point, I suspect a review of all the R** numbers and links is
> advised. (Using descriptive anchors instead of number sequences would have
> avoided this lack of synchronization between the documents.)

Yeah, I think we will republish a bunch of these documents together so
they don't get out of sync.

> These observations are trivial, but I know that the editor will provide the
> corrections, and I thank the editor in advance for this.

Thank you for taking the time to send in those corrections!

Marcos Caceres

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