Re: [selectors-api] SVG WG Review of Selectors API

On Wed, 28 Jan 2009 15:28:42 +0100, Giovanni Campagna  
<> wrote:
> @Anne:
> well, assuming that an author will need to match elements across
> multiple namespaces, it will be easier to use XPath (that also is
> compatible across multiple browsers) than to use horrible workarounds
> like "svg :not(foreignObject) *[href]" (all svg links) or "svg
> not(timesheet) animation" (all SVG but not SMIL animations), or
> "select[bind], select[ref]" (xforms selects)
> I think that those example are even easier to rewrite as
> "svg|*[href]", "svg|animation", "xforms|select", provided a reliable
> namespace binding mechanisms (the one I proposed)

Well, a) that's quite an assumption which needs to be elaborated on  
somehow and b) those are indeed examples of things you can select easier  
with namespace support but it is not at all clear why you want to do such  
a thing in the first place. I.e. they are not use cases.

Anne van Kesteren

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