[widgets] Recent updates to packaging specification

Hi All,
Given recent feedback, here is a summary of recent changes to the P&C spec.

* Made boolean attribute values case sensitive.
* Removed the check in section 8, step 2, whereby the user agent would
do check if two files with the same name but different case existed.
* Fixed all instances of <widgets> in examples
* Fixed localization example in the Localized Widget Example section
with regards to the localized content container, plus added
"config.xml" to example.
* Changed all instances of "not required" to "optional" to conform to RFC2119.
* The wua-language list generated in step 3 must now be in lower case form.
* Step 6 was changed so the comparison between the user's preferred
language range and localized folders is performed in lower case form.
* Added JPEG to content type sniffing rules defined in Rules for
Identifying the MIME type of an Image.
* Fixed definition of "container for localized content" and tighetened
up definition of "localized folder".
* Made it explicit in the definition of "default start file" that they
must be at the root of a widget or inside a localized folder.
* Expanded localization example to include a custom script.
* Added "the root of" where files where to be stored inside localized
folders (e.g., default icons must appear at the root of a localized
* Added example of how not to use xml:lang attribute.
* Removed ABNF for version tags.
* Fixed JPEG magic number in magic numbers table (superflous FF!)
* Made space characters be those that have the Unicode property
"White_Space" as defined in Unicode.
* Removed mention of getTextContent() DOM3 Java interface example.
* Removed the rule for removing whitespace as it was not needed (and
would have caused problems where it was being used).
* Made it more explicit that widget user agents must use the rules for
content type sniffing as defined in this specification.
* Added rules for getting text content with normalized white space,
which replaces CR and LF and Tabs for space characters.
* Made author and name elements use rules for getting text content
with normalized white space.

Kind regards,
Marcos Caceres

Received on Thursday, 22 January 2009 14:09:49 UTC