Re: [access-control] Rename spec?

Being external to it all, i.e. just reading the mailing-list with the  
spec-title mentioned just about everytime, it clearly seems like a  
good move to me: that specs starts to taste interesting whereas,  
before, it seemed to be unrelated to my tasks!



Le 13-janv.-09 à 17:50, Anne van Kesteren a écrit :
> I know some people (e.g. Ian) don't like the idea, but it seems the  
> name "Access Control for Cross-Site Requests" confuses people,  
> especially the "Access Control" part:
> 'TBL: Calling it Access Control" is misleading. It's about privacy.'
> Henri Sivonen suggested "Cross-Origin Data Sharing" on IRC the other  
> day:
> Since it can be about more than just data, e.g. images, "Cross- 
> Origin Resource Sharing" might be more appropriate. Keeping the  
> header names the same seems fine, they're just opague strings, but  
> at least making it more clear what the specification is about might  
> help people.

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