Re: ISSUE-44 (EventsAndWindow): Should DOM3 Events cover the interaction of events and the Window object? [DOM3 Events]

Jonas Sicking wrote:

>> Is that any load event, or only specific load events? (i.e. is it a 
>> characteristic of the bubbling/capture process, or the events that are 
>> fired by certain circumstances like the end of parsing or an image 
>> being fetched from the network?) If the latter, it would be useful if 
>> the DOM3 Events spec could provde a hook for the HTML5 spec to 
>> annotate certain events as being affected by this exception.
> I think it is all 'load' events except the one fired for the finished 
> load of the actual page.
> I.e. loads for images, stylesheets, plugins, etc had to not reach the 
> Window object.
> I'm uncertain if iframe loads reach the Window or not.
> / Jonas

Any load event which is dispatched somewhere in document (img,
iframe...) stops its propagation to |document|. Since the load event
for page load is dispatched to |window|, that is the only event target
which handles the event.

I think author-dispatched synthetic events should work the same way.


Received on Friday, 8 August 2008 07:35:12 UTC