Re: ISSUE-42 (simpler custom events): Should we simplify custom events? [DOM3 Events]

Cameron McCormack wrote:
> XBL2 currently says:
>   The action taken (retarget vs. stop) is specific to the event type. In
>   general, UI events must be retargeted and mutation events must be
>   stopped. Exceptions to the rule are noted below. The goal of this
>   retargeting or stopping is to stop outer shadow scopes from being
>   exposed to nodes from inner shadow scopes, and to stop outer shadow
>   scopes from getting apparently meaningless events that only make sense
>   in the context of inner shadow scopes.
>    —
> A definitive list of which event types should be retargetted and which
> should be stopped doesn’t seem to be given, though.  It’s unclear
> whether a CustomEvent (or a plain Event) should be retargetted or
> stopped.

I think this was a feature request to make it possible for the code 
firing the custom event to specify whether the event should be 
retargetted or stopped. The XBL spec can't specify all possible custom 
events of course, so it does make sense, however I would ask what the 
use case is.

/ Jonas

Received on Wednesday, 23 July 2008 23:49:42 UTC