Re: [D3E] Possible Changes to Mutation Events

On Thu, 17 Jul 2008 17:51:42 -0700, Jonas Sicking <> wrote:
> * Add a DOMDescendantRemovedFromDocument event which is fired on a node
>    when the node is in a document, but any of nodes the descendants is
>    removed from the document. The event is fired after the removal takes
>    place.
>    The relatedNode property contains the removed descendant. The
>    relatedIndex property contains the index the child had
>    immediately before the removal. (Should relatedIndex be -1 when
>    the node wasn't removed from its parent, but rather an ancestor was?)

>From this description it seems bit ambiguous as to exactly which node is the target of the event, since there could be multiple nodes that satisfy the conditions (a) being attached to the document and (b) ancestor of the removed node. I assume you mean the node that satisfies the conditions that is deepest in the tree? And yes, I think relatedIndex should be -1 if an ancestor was the one that was removed, so that it's easier to distinguish between the roots of the removed subtrees and the non-roots.

Overall, I like this proposal much better :)


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