ISSUE-39 (Mutate Mutations): Consider Changing Ordering of DOM3 Events [DOM3 Events]

ISSUE-39 (Mutate Mutations): Consider Changing Ordering of DOM3 Events [DOM3 Events]

Raised by: Doug Schepers
On product: DOM3 Events

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"Currently, the spec says, "Many single modifications of the tree can cause multiple mutation events to be dispatched. Rather than attempt to specify the ordering of mutation events due to every possible modification of the tree, the ordering of these events is left to the implementation."

Jonas proposes two substantive changes to this:

* DOMNodeRemoved and DOMNodeRemovedFromDocument would be fired after the mutation rather than before
* DOM operations that perform multiple sub-operations (such as moving an element) would be dispatched (in order of operation) after all the sub-operations are complete.

I am inclined to put this in the spec, because they have identified it as a major pain point, and because I'm too simpleminded to find a pragmatic case where this would cause problems (I guess if someone was counting on getting the mutation event before it occurred and stopping it, for instance, they would be disappointed... but I wonder how practical that is).

I would be very interested in hard data about real-world usage (Hixie?) or implementation status that would countermand my changing this... so, if anyone has any feedback on this matter, please let us know."

Received on Tuesday, 15 July 2008 09:41:31 UTC