Veterans Right to Attorney Representation Petition and Merchant Marine Bill/Write Your Representatives

Know a Veteran or WWII Merchant Marine Veteran? Disabled Veteran? Know a Serviceman?

Did you know a disabled veteran can't hire an attorney until his claim has been denied by the Veterans Administration and is in the appeal process, usually two to three years after the initial filing further delaying the claim another 2 to 3 years for a total of 4 to 6 years, unless the attorney will represent them for free or for a maximum of $10. 

Write your congressman.  They can be contacted at:  
This is where you can make a real difference especially, if your congress representative  is listed as one of the committee members below.
Your local congress reprepresentative can also co-sponsor the bill.  Write to see if you can get them involved.
This should not be a political issue it should be a bipartisan issue, Political party affiliation should not be holding this bill back.
If you have already signed ourpetition and you know of others that would want to help pass it on.
11/17/2003: Referred to the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs.
This Bill is sitting in the Committee on Veterans' Benefits, since January 2004.
This is a critical issue for disabled veterans, there is a petiton attached, take a  few moments sign them and pass them on to everyone you know, it is a petition allowing veterans to hire an attorney to represent them for their va claims.
It is only right, that veterans have the same rights as citizens.  Even the IRS allows attorney representation for individuals.
Veterans are both individuals and citizens.
They are entitled to Due Process, as a citizen.
Several Veterans Advocates have responed back stating they agree with this bill, however they would like to have dollar limits and percentage limits, that attorneys could charge.  Additionally, they feel the services they provide are free and the veteran should use them for filing claims.    I agree with the veterans advocates, they do a great service for veterans.  However, I believe, the veteran should have a right to attorney representation, if things aren't going well in their claim, and he or she feels that is it necessary.   Veterans should have the right to choose, who is going to represent them.
Feel free to express your opinion on this petition site and write your congress representatives.   Hopefully, it will be presented to Congress, and your opinions could result in a meaning bill for veterans attorney representation.
This is the petition site:
Title: To amend title 38, United States Code, to allow claimants for benefits under laws administered by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to pay fees for attorney services during any stage of the Department of Veterans Affairs claims process. 
Sponsor: Rep Franks, Trent [AZ-2] (introduced 11/17/2003)      
Cosponsors: 12
Rep Burton, Dan - 11/17/2003 [IN-5]  Rep Christensen, Donna M. - 11/17/2003 [VI]  
Rep Garrett, Scott - 11/17/2003 [NJ-5]  Rep Hoekstra, Peter - 11/17/2003 [MI-2]  
Rep King, Steve - 11/17/2003 [IA-5]  Rep Manzullo, Donald A. - 11/17/2003 [IL-16]  
Rep Miller, Jeff - 11/18/2003 [FL-1]  Rep Musgrave, Marilyn N. - 1/20/2004 [CO-4]  
Rep Myrick, Sue - 11/17/2003 [NC-9]  Rep Peterson, John E. - 11/17/2003 [PA-5]  
Rep Souder, Mark E. - 11/17/2003 [IN-3]  Rep Wilson, Joe - 11/17/2003 [SC-2]  
Latest Major Action: 1/6/04
This is all free, just take some time to post this information, email your friends, family and colleagues.  
Know a World War II Merchant Marine Veteran?
They were cheated and there is a bill to make things right.  See the sites listed below:

We need to make a difference for veterans
Thanks for your help,
Walt Kozlowski
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If this not wanted information.  Then write the email address below.

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