RE: Spolsky's requests for Web Applications

further to my earlier comments on Mozilla embedded in Java, I did a quick web search and found

which, by its own admission, is a work in progress. But they have embedded the browser in a Java window.

Now think about this combination a bit. A powerful controlling language with increasingly good IDEs available (including Eclipse, which is free). A powerful rendering and printing engine - that's Mozilla/Firefox. PostgreSQL for the database.

All we need (sigh!) is SVG and contenteditable built into the standard builds. UI widgets are then built with XUL or perhaps using Dean Edward's ( ) wrapper to emulate IE behaviors in Mozilla - behaviors are a wonderful way to write UI widgets in Javascript itself and I love them to bits!. (also, behaviors can be applied via CSS in IE).

This whole framework would be a wonderful, standards-compliant, infinitely powerful way to render and print across platforms. Content is then authored using standards-compliant HTML with any tool you prefer. Business logic is developed separately, probably in Java, as I said before. The combination is totally platform-neutral. This is *surely* the way to go!.

Received on Monday, 21 June 2004 09:24:30 UTC