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Hi folks,

Opera has a proposal for a specification that would revive (and supersede)
the file upload API that has been lingering so long as a work item.

In a nutshell, it provides the ability for a web application to get a
filespace, by asking the user to identify such a space, and making it
available to that application something like a virtual file system.

Use cases include single or bulk file upload (e.g for images, a set of
files, etc), as well as allowing the creation of widgets that use a set of
local files. For example, you could make a music player widget by giving
access to a mountpoint that contains music files, and you could add music
to that directory which would also be available to traditional
applications on the system.

This is a draft, and we expect it to change. Opera has implementation of
this, and we will make available some experimental builds for people to
play with in the near future. We hope that the working group will take
this as a replacement for file upload so it can develop as a useful
interoperable standard.

A draft is at so you can
have a look.

All manner of feedback is of course welcome...



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Received on Wednesday, 7 May 2008 13:39:46 UTC