Re: ISSUE-30: mousewheel event

Anne van Kesteren wrote:
> On Sun, 26 Feb 2006 06:55:48 +0100, Matthew Raymond  
> <> wrote:
>> If the wheel doesn't scroll, why would you want it to trigger the
>> event in the first place???
> So you can use it for zooming instead. (If there is a scrollbar you could  
> do this by canceling the event...)

   I don't get it. While you may use the mouse wheel for the purpose of
zooming, the event it should trigger should be something like
"mousezoom". You're essentially saying that W3C specs can require a
certain type of physical device be used for a specific type of input. As
games have shown us, you can configure things like keyboards, mice,
joysticks, et cetera, to trigger specific input events. If the software
then overrides such configurations, the configurations are useless.

>> If I
>> configure my mouse wheel to be an "Undo" button, it should trigger a
>> "mousewheel"-type event in the first place.
> Is this what actually happens?

   Well, I meant to say "shouldn't", but yeah, I can pretty much
configure my mouse buttons to do what ever I want, short of running a
specific application, and it comes close because I can configure it to
open the Windows run dialog.

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