Question from Web APIs WG on connecting multiple devices and multipoints touchscreen devices

Dear MMI WG,

the Web API WG is working hard on getting DOM 3 Events ready for last
call again [1]. Related to this, we are aware of some advanced 
configurations in connecting input devices to a computer:

1) connecting multiple input devices to the same computer 
(such as several mouse devices, a tablet with several stylus, 
several keyboards, etc.)

2) the apparition of multipoints touchscreen that allow to track
two handed gestures, or multiple hand gestures from different users.

we are wondering whether there would be simple solutions, such
as associating a device ID with all, or a subset, of the UIEvents,
that would work for one or both types of configuration. The purpose
is that Web developers can exploit new scenarios with multipoints input
for instance in groupware applications. 

We look forward to your thoughts and suggestions,

On behalf of Web APIs,

St├ęphane Sire
    Research & Design Engineer

[1] <>
Issue Tracker NOTE: this email is related to ACTION-86 of ISSUE-33

Received on Sunday, 26 February 2006 23:12:43 UTC