ACTION-87: Selectors API

Hi all,

During the F2F I got an action assigned to me to draft something up for  
getElementsBySelector(). Basically a method that would take a selector[1]  
as argument and return a (static) list of elements. In the current draft  
(attached) there is also an optional second argument that takes an  
XPathNSResolver as argument. Might be a bit funny to see things from the  
XPath API being reused in the one for Selectors, but it seemed like the  
best and easiest solution.

It is not clear at all if the WG will pursue working on this. Probably  
depends on community input and if we think it's worth it. Now there is at  
least something to discuss about.




Anne van Kesteren

Received on Saturday, 25 February 2006 17:11:56 UTC