RE: Targeted Cross-Document Scripting

Hi, Maciej-

Maciej Stachowiak wrote
| The following much simpler code works in Safari (with a WebKit  
| nightly, that's the only versions with SVG support so far) Opera 9  
| and Firefox 1.5:

Thanks for your example. As we discussed offlist, however, this does not
work at all in WinIE+ASV3, which is still a very common combination. Though
this may be because it is a plugin, or because <object> is broken in IE,
this only underscores the need for such interfaces to be specified.

Unless it's defined and specified, there is no clear way for implementors to
decide how to do it, if they even think of it; and there is less leverage
for users and authors to pressure implementors to do it a certain way.
Defacto standards are great when they are interoperable, but they are a
major pain when not.

I do concede the point that passing an argument from the calling instance
function, rather than having an implicit caller property, is a more elegant
solution, but this is only so if "self" is indeed specified.


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