Re: [REX] Inserting comments?

Hi Stéphane,

On Feb 09, 2006, at 17:01, Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:
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> A DOMNodeInserted event can insert a comment. But I do not find how to
> express it in REX.
> <event target='/some/where' name='DOMNodeInserted'>
>   <!-- I assume this comment is a comment in the REX file and will
>   *not* be inserted -->
> </event>

No, actually, if the target DOM supports comments, then this comment  
will in fact be inserted into the target document. Is there any part  
of the specification which makes you believe that it would not or  
that could be clarify for you to be certain that comments can indeed  
be supported in this manner?

Robin Berjon
    Senior Research Scientist

Received on Thursday, 9 February 2006 18:01:41 UTC