Invitation to Web Thing Protocol Community Group meeting at TPAC 2022

Dear participants,

Thank you for participating in the Web Thing Protocol Community Group
<>, with the goal of
defining a common protocol for communicating with connected devices over
the web.

I’m pleased to invite you to the group’s first formal meeting at TPAC 2022
<>. You can register to attend TPAC
(remotely or in person) here <>. Please
note that there is a fee for participation*.

The meeting is scheduled for Thursday 15th September 2022, at 08:30-10:30
PDT. I will be chairing the meeting remotely from the UK. Please see the W3C
calendar event
for further details, where you can subscribe to the event with your W3C

An agenda <> for
the meeting can be found on the wiki. I’d like to take the opportunity to
introduce ourselves to each other, review the latest draft of the Web Thing
Protocol Use Cases & Requirements
<> report, gather
input and plan next steps.

Anyone with a W3C account will be able to join the meeting via Zoom
video-conferencing software, and all participants are also encouraged to
join the #web-thing-protocol
<> IRC chat where the
meeting minutes will be recorded and participants can add themselves to the
queue to speak.

If you are not able to attend the meeting at TPAC then meeting minutes will
be published online after the event.

Hope to see you there!


* If there is demand for a meeting for people who are not attending TPAC,
then I would be happy to arrange a follow up online meeting which is public
and free to attend. Please let me know. Feedback on the draft Use Cases &
Requirements report is also welcome on GitHub
<> or on this mailing list.

Ben Francis
Krellian Ltd. <>

Received on Friday, 19 August 2022 15:59:41 UTC