Security Review Request for CSS Box Model Level 3


CSS WG requests review of CSS Box Model Module Level 3

This fairly short specification describes the margin and padding properties, 
which create spacing in and around a CSS box, and defines a bunch of 
terminology used throughout the CSS layout specs. Changes since CSS2 are 
summarized in
and basically consist of
   * updating the prose to account for vertical writing modes
   * defining a shared list of box-edge keywords for use in other properties
There are no new features.

I think there's probably zero interesting things here for you, since it's 
really just a redrafting of a very basic piece of CSS2, but since we're 
planning to request a CR transition soon I am sending a formal review request!

Please raise any issues in the csswg GitHub repo:
and let us know when you have completed your review.


Received on Wednesday, 28 October 2020 20:44:11 UTC