Re: Problem and errors with XML Encryption standard using ECDH and ConcatKDF key derivation function

I would like to clarify in short form what I’m asking for:

To have a clear understanding of the correct way to signal null data in a parameter 
“00” as in the example of ApplicationID in section 5.6.4
“” as in the example of PartyUinfo in section 5.6.4
“0800” as some have interpreted it reading section 5.4.1
Would it be OK to require implementations to only provide octets of data (allow no padding bits) to allow interop with implementations not able to handle arbitrary bitstring length?
Is there any reference implementations to test compliance against? Or is there any implementations at all of ECDH encryption with XML sec?

Again, thanks for any help.


Stefan Santesson 

Received on Monday, 25 March 2019 11:04:56 UTC