RE: Web Payments FPWDs published -- seeking early Web Security Interest Group review

Ian and all,
Congrat for this FPWD.
The Web Security IG will soon have a call and we will deal with your request.
Note that editors and chairs are also encouraged to use the Security and Privacy Questionnaire maintained by the TAG and available here Reading and answering the questions will to get a first sense of the potential sensitive area in solution you are providing.

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Subject: Web Payments FPWDs published -- seeking early Web Security Interest Group review


Today we announced FPWDs of the Web Payments Working Group:

   First Public Working Draft of Payment Request API Specifications

On behalf of the Web Payments Working Group, and per our charter [1]), I’d like to ask for Web Security Interest Group review of these early drafts:

 * Payment Request API

   This specification describes a web API to allow merchants (i.e., web
   sites selling physical or digital goods) to easily accept payments
   from different payment methods with minimal integration. User
   agents (e.g. browsers) will facilitate the payment flow between
   merchant and user.

 * Payment Method Identifiers

   This document defines payment method identifier strings so that
   components in the payment ecosystem can determine which parties
   support which payment methods.

 * Basic Card Payment

   This specification describes the data formats used by the Payment
   Request API to support payment by payment cards such as credit or
   debit cards.

We also announced a FAQ to go with the specs:

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