[W3C Web Security IG] recent conversations in W3C membership on security : let's be active !

Dear all,

Last month was held the W3C AC members meeting, together with the AB meeting in MIT. Some of the point of discussions cold be of interest for you, followers of security activities in W3C.

*About security importance in W3C membership
A live survey demonstrated during the AC meeting that security stays the big next topic for the W3C, confirming the importance to develop a trusted open web platform. Today there are some active groups in the security area, delivering some excellent features, but it seems that the membership wants more.

*About AB activity and security
One of the project developed by the AB is the security area. A wiki has been developed to list what would be great to achieve soon, in order to improve the security consistency and activity in W3C. https://www.w3.org/wiki/AB/2016_Priorities/Security. If you read that plan carefully, you will see that there is the ambition to improve the number of companies contributors in the security area. In addition, there is an expectation to have the W3C building a security expert community to give advice and potentially review the specification (usual topics, I know).

*About this Web Security IG
Turning the question in all possible directions, it appears that a lots of people are expecting this Web Security IG to be alive and kicking.

*My proposal
Based on those news, my suggestion is  : lets revival the Web Security IG with regular monthly calls, it will be a chance to (1) exchange on security news inside and outside the W3C, (2) discuss potential questions which are out of scope of the other security related WG (aka, web app sec and web crypto), (3) keep a kernel of people motivated to monitor new security requirements.

Here is a doodle to set up a call, thanks for answering it by the end of the week : http://doodle.com/poll/wp24eh5e5atvxw4v#table
Hoping we can have that IG live and useful to the W3C community.


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