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In looking at the priority list …  discovery of devices and keys is a high priority.

IMHO a very good starting point would be the delivery of a key centric form of identifier.  Users at some point need to identify a device.  If every secure device has some form of public/private key, a unique identifier should be created.

Such an identifier would need to be:
 - unique per ‘persona’
   Persona being a broadly defined container for a device or application identity and it’s associated behavior
 - able to support a diversity of cipher suites (including a diversity of ECC curves)
     - must support new curves from IETF CFRG
     - provide optional cipher suite privacy
          - access to a key identifier should not disclose it’s underlying
            algorithms unless already known
 - machine readable and web usage friendly (e.g. No ‘<‘)
 - human readable for validation of Id
    - easily readable with no display characters that might be confused
        (excluded characters   0O  I1l  5S VU  )
    - case insensitive for ease of reading and possible entry
        - display aways in upper case (consistent and readable)
        - always accept upper or lower case
    -  suggest: 26upper/lower + 10 numeric – 9 excluded = 27
           Leading to  base 27 encoding, or base 29 if UV allowed
    - allow and define a small set of separators for readability
 - identifier encoding must provide strong binding (e.g. Hash) to:
   - cipher suite
       - indicates type of public key ands it’s encoding and usage
       - includes associated encryption, hash, etc.
   - value of the associated public key
 - provide optional  privacy features to mask pubic use of identity

The idea is that any public key based identity could be represented universally by a unique identifier for any device, thing, application, server, service, whatever.  A worked example might look like:



Dear all,

Web Crypto WG charter [1] will end by the end of March. We need to prepare the next charter of Web Crypto.

As a reminder, the conversation has started on this page :
Feel free to add you ideas and suggestions on the wiki and/or expose your opinion and question on the<> or<> (for non W3C Web Crypto WG members).



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